Is the Ivy on my trees bad for the trees?

ivy growing on tree in atlanta removal

When all the green is gone from your deciduous trees, it’s easy to notice the green of your ivy climbing its way into the canopy. Depending on the health and type of your tree, it may be doing just fine with its uninvited guest.  Arborists disagree about whether ivy growing on healthy trees harms the tree, but they all agree that ivy can hide when a tree is not healthy, attract mosquitos, and if unmonitored may accelerate rot at the base of the tree. Ivy can also make your landscape look unkept or forgotten. There’s no need to pull the ivy off the tree, just saw or cut through the base of the vine, pull the vines out of the ground for about a two foot circle around the tree, and allow the vine on the tree to die a natural death. Wear gloves to risk your exposure to poison ivy and consider wood mulch near the tree to protect the roots. Sound like a lot of work? It is, and we’d love to help you reclaim your lawn’s once manicured beauty. Call us today for a free estimate for lawn clean up and a plan to keep your lawn beautiful all year long.