Isn’t it amazing how good a “thank you” feels?

Doing a good job for our customers is its own reward, and the nature of our work means we can tell our efforts made a difference every time we take care of a client’s lawn.  That said, it is still nice to hear a “thank you.”

Betsy, a long-time customer sent us an email to brag on the cleanup our crew did in her perennial garden.  It was a short note, but when I shared it with the crew, it made their day.

Another customer, Donna, said she had been saving for three years to correct a drainage problem and add a new walkway with surrounding beds. Knowing that our work meant so much to her was gratifying when we did the work and when she wrote us years later to brag on how much joy the hardscapes and flowers had brought her.

Is it odd to say thank you for a thank you?  We appreciate the kind words of appreciation we receive from our customers.  Thanks for trusting us with your lawns and gardens.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Haardscapes - Coley 1Easter Sunday was a beautiful day in north Georgia. Hope you got out to enjoy it. If you found yourself dreaming of a new outdoor living space or dreading another summer of mowing, give us a call. We can help you create the yard you’ve always wanted.

Hardscapes - Coley 2

Sometimes something as simple as large stones making a pathway creates an inviting trail to outdoor living spaces, other times, it’s a patio or deck.  Adding life through koi ponds and flower planters also adds to the appeal of outdoor living spaces. Or consider adding an outdoor kitchen or seating area for outdoor living that pulls you from the indoors into the beauty of nature.  We can take a look at your landscape and develop the perfect plan for an outdoor living spaces at your home. Give us a call.

Boxwoods and Shrubs need love too.

Boxwoods are hardy; and because they need so little attention, they some times are neglected by homeowners. Early to mid-march is the time to show your shrubs some love. With fertilization of foundation plants like boxwoods, laurels and hydrangeas now, you are giving your shrubs what they need to shine the rest of the year.

In a few weeks, it will also be time to fertilize rhododendron, camellia and azalea plants. We can help you get the timing and mix just right. So give us a call.

Got bare spots in your lawn? Sod now.

If you notice thinning spots in your lawn, March is the time to start Bermuda and Zoysia sod. Weather permitting, we can fill in your lawn to help get sod started before the brutal hot days of summer.

In the north Atlanta Metro and northeast Georgia area, we go from snow to sweat in a heartbeat, so there is a critical window for lawn care in pre-spring and early spring.  Give us a call and we’ll send someone out to look at your yard and give you an estimate to fill-in the grass in your Georgia lawn.

While you are at it, let us give you an estimate for an annual maintenance agreement to mow, weed and care for your lawn year-round. You can forget about the worry of mowing every week to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.  Reclaim your weekends by leaving your lawn maintenance to the team at Associated Environmental.

Repairing brown spots from dog urine

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re your beautiful green lawn’s arch-nemesis.  Brown spots, caused by urine, can ruin an otherwise great-looking yard.
The marketplace is full of snake-oil treatments, promising to protect your grass.  Some use odor to deter urination, which can actually cause a dog to “mark” his territory with greater fervor. Some owners have tried modifying their dogs’ diets…usually with limited results. Urine contains nitrogen and uric acid, and are so concentrated that too much will burrn and kill your grass.  Because most females squat and most males lift a leg, females tend to do the most damage to a lawn.  Many dog owners report that they have trained their dogs to relieve themselves only in certain areas, just as they house-trained their dogs.  However, most dog owners struggle with brown spots from pet urine.
According to an international nonprofit research organization, one of the most successful methods for minimizing the effects of urine is to dilute the urine with water immediately after your dog relieves herself.  That means watching your dog closely when he or she is roaming your lawn, then pouring pitchers of water on the urine spot to dilute the nitrogen and acid to protect your grass.  Not an easy task!
The good news is that lawn burn, when mild, will generally repair itself over time.  For some spots, sod replacement may be required. Getting the lawn back into shape is not a problem… it’s keeping it there that presents the challenge.
If you have brown spots from dog urine in your yard, we can help heal your dying grass.  With the team from Associated Environmental Landscape (AEL) repairing and maintaining your lawn, you’ll have more time for training Fido to use a mulched area as his/her bathroom.  Good luck and let us know how you’re doing.

Choosing a Lawn Service

When you add up the cost of a mower, various trimmers, blower, gasoline, oil, and the time and energy of mowing your lawn not – to mention the maintenance cost of the equipment – deciding to use a lawn service is an easy choice. But how do you choose between all of the options available?
At Associated Environmental Landscape (AEL), we’ve earned a solid reputation by taking care of our customers with excellent ongoing service. Just check our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. So, when you are exploring your options, be sure to consider cost, experience, reliability and reputation. We’d love the chance to meet with you and discuss a Maintenance Service Agreement that gives you the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted with none of the sweat!
Call us today, and we’ll come right out, look at your lawn and show you what sets Associated Environmental Landscape (AEL) apart from the competition.