Tree, Shrub and Plant Care

Don’t overlook your shrubs and trees when considering your landscape design and maintenance. Careful management of shape, limb growth, and fertilization is needed to keep your trees and shrubbery beautiful and healthy. Whether you have a specific concern to address or as part of our ‘Complete Care’ program, Associated Environmental Landscape crews can keep your plants and trees healthy and looking their best.

Shrubs, Perennials and TreesShrubs/Perennials

Virtually every landscape should include shrubs, ornamental trees and perennials. They are the foundation on which to build your landscape design. These plants offer a
variety of uses and appearance options, providing long term interest with different looks throughout the calendar year. Choose the right shrubs for your conditions and climate and you will enjoy reliable, trouble-free greenery with next to no maintenance.

Tree and Shrub Care

Some uses for shrubs and perennials include:

  • Trees and Shrubs In North AtlantaLow growing plants can act as a ground cover in place of turf. Add interest and variety to your landscape, reduce erosion and cover slopes that may be difficult to mow.
  • Create a smooth transition between large elements like the house or trees, and low-lying areas of lawn or flower beds
  • Define property lines, pathways, open spaces and other key areas with carefully positioned shrubs and plants
  • Screen unwanted sights like utility boxes, trash collection areas or chain link fences with densely foliated living screen plants and shrubs
  • Add low maintenance seasonal color with blooming perennial plants and shrubs

Tree and Shrub Care

Associated Environmental Landscape can help you select, place, install and maintain the perfect shrubs and perennials for the Atlanta climate and North Georgia soil conditions.

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