Maintenance and Renovations for All Types of Landscape Water Features

Once you start enjoying your new water feature, Associated Environmental Landscape is there to help with maintenance. Our professional guidance and recommendations are available for homeowner self management of all of our water features, as well as the aquatic life they contain, such as fish and water plants. Enjoying your water feature can also be trouble free with one of our regular maintenance plans.

Pond Maintenance in Atlanta

Take the hassle out of enjoying your home’s outdoor water features. Associated Environmental Landscape provides a wide spectrum of water feature maintenance services designed to keep things looking and smelling good. Let your fish and aquatic plants thrive.  And keep the water flow equipment operating at peak efficiency. Our maintenance programs can actually save you money, by minimizing problems and repairs down the line.

  • Pond cleanouts and chemical balance/water treatment
  • Water plants
  • Electrical system repairs
  • Fountain and water feature renovation and repair
  • Correct leaky liners, plumbing and basins



Because of our vast landscape renovation and maintenance experience, we see things you might not see.  Where you see a landscape problem, we might see a great opportunity. A steep bank can be a great place for a waterfall. Or the bank may be the perfect place for a retaining wall. Landscape renovation and maintenance is our specialty. So we love turning your backyard problems into beautiful solutions.

Contact Associated Environmental Landscape  today to learn more about our landscape renovation and maintenance services.