Isn’t it amazing how good a “thank you” feels?

Doing a good job for our customers is its own reward, and the nature of our work means we can tell our efforts made a difference every time we take care of a client’s lawn.  That said, it is still nice to hear a “thank you.”

Betsy, a long-time customer sent us an email to brag on the cleanup our crew did in her perennial garden.  It was a short note, but when I shared it with the crew, it made their day.

Another customer, Donna, said she had been saving for three years to correct a drainage problem and add a new walkway with surrounding beds. Knowing that our work meant so much to her was gratifying when we did the work and when she wrote us years later to brag on how much joy the hardscapes and flowers had brought her.

Is it odd to say thank you for a thank you?  We appreciate the kind words of appreciation we receive from our customers.  Thanks for trusting us with your lawns and gardens.