Your Choice for Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Services

There are a lot of folks out there that will come out and mow your grass. However, there are a lot of reasons to stick with the best – Associated Environmental Landscape. Reasons you may not think about before signing, but important to think about are . . .


Security. (Who are these guys?) Two guys pull up in an unmarked pickup, lift a mower out and start mowing your grass. You don’t know if they’re employees or day laborers, or if there’s a supervisor to talk to or to watch what they do. Or did you hire

Associated Environmental Landscape? Our well marked trucks arrive when you expect them, and our supervised, trained and bonded employees quickly and efficiently go about their business. You can reach our office on every call.


Safety. Landscapers use some dangerous equipment. When you go with Associated Environmental Landscape, our crews are well trained for safe operations and our equipment is kept in perfect running condition through prevenative maintenance. You can trust that we maintain full liability and workers’ comp insurance coverage for all our employees. Otherwise, you could be held responsible for a worker’s accident on your property.


Economy. The volume of our business and our operational efficiency allow us to offer some of the best prices in the industry. Why take a chance on anyone less professional? It’s a competitive field, and some competitors may try to offer lower prices by cutting corners. Associated Environmental Landscape will offer you the best overall value, and that’s a promise.


Creativity. If you are looking for great ideas for your landscape, you can count on the team at Associated Environmental to listen to you, and help design a great plan for your backyard landscape or to enhance the curb appeal of the front lawn.

Additional Services. Associated Environmental Landscape offers a wide range of services. We come and edge, mow, trim and blow, sure. But when you’re ready, we can replenish your mulch beds, plant flowers for seasonal color, maintain and care for your shrubs and trees, and much more. We can help with walkways, patios, retaining walls, even water features like ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Associated Environmental Landscaping can level and contour your yard and landscape, correct and improve drainage issues or help you design your dream yard or garden. Just ask those two guys in a pickup to do that!

Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

  • Edge, Mow, Trim and Blow services
  • Pinestraw and mulch beds cleaned and replenished
  • Seasonal lawn treatments – weed control, lime, fertilize, seeding, aerating, etc.